How to Uninstall System Center Essentials

Under certain circumstances, you might need to uninstall System Center Essentials server components. During uninstall, you can choose to remove the Essentials 2007 database, Microsoft SQL Server (if it was installed by System Center Essentials), log files, and any update files.

To uninstall Essentials 2007 server components in a single-server deployment

  1. Open the Control Panel, and click Add or Remove Programs.

  2. In Add or Remove Programs, remove System Center Essentials 2007.

  3. If you are uninstalling the Essentials 2007 management server, some Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) objects may not be removed properly from Active Directory. To ensure that these objects are removed, before uninstalling, run the code as shown in this example.

    SCECertPolicyConfigUtil.exe /Uninstall /ManagementGroup <Essentials management server netbios name>_MG
  4. Wait for the removal to complete.

To verify that the uninstall was successful

  1. Check the Essentials 2007 installation folder and ensure that all files and folders have been removed. The default name for this folder is Program Files\System Center Essentials 2007.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • If you installed SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Essentials 2007 and then removed it during uninstall, verify that the Microsoft SQL Server folder in the Essentials install folder has been removed.

    • If you selected an existing instance of SQL Server 2005 during Essentials 2007 setup, start SQL Server Management Studio and verify that the OperationsManager, OperationsManagerDW, and SUSDB databases have been removed.

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