Alphabetical List of Tools in the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement 4

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The following is a list of tools included in the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit, Supplement 4:


Add User to Group (Usrtogrp.exe)

Addusers.exe: Add Users

Apimon.exe: API Monitor

Apple Talk Network Device Analyzer (Atanlyzr.exe)

Applications as Services Utility (Srvany.exe)


Atanlyzr.exe: Apple Talk Network Device Analyzer

Audit Categories Help (Auditcat.hlp)

Audit Policy (Auditpol.exe)

Auditcat.hlp: Audit Categories Help

Auditpol.exe: Audit Policy

Autoexnt.exe: AutoExNT Service

Automated Installation Tool (Sysdiff.exe)

Automated Mirror Break/Restore Utility (Breakftm.exe)


Batch File Wait (Sleep.exe)

Breakftm.exe: Automated Mirror Break/Restore Utility

Browmon.exe: Browser Monitor

Browstat.exe: Browser Status


C2config.exe: C2 Configuration Manager

Chgprint.exe: Change Printer Utility

Chklnks.exe: Link Check Wizard

Choice.exe: User Input for Batch Files

Clearmem.exe: Clear Memory

Clip.exe: Clip To Clipboard

Clipstor.exe: Clipboard Storage

Cliptray.exe: Clip Tray

Cluster Verification Utility

Cmdhere.exe: Command Prompt Here

Compreg.exe: Compare Registry

Compress.exe: Compress File(s)

Connection Manager Administration Kit

Counter List (Ctrlist.exe)

Counters.hlp: Performance Counters Help

CPU Usage by Processes (Qslice.exe)

Cpustres.exe: CPU Stress Utility

Create File (Creatfil.exe)

Creatals.exe: Modify Domain_Create_Alias

Creatfil.exe: Create File

Crystal Reports for Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit by Seagate Software

Ctrlist.exe: Counter List


Daylight Savings Time Update Utility (Timezone.exe)

Debug version of Startup Hardware Detector (Ntdetect.chk)

Debugger Extensions: Windows NT 4.0 OEM Support Tools

Debugger Tools: Windows NT 4.0 Debugger Tools

Defptr.exe: Default Printer

Delete Service (Delsrv.exe)

Delprof.exe: User Profile Deletion Utility

Delsrv.exe: Delete Service

Depends.exe: Dependency Walker

Desktops.exe: DeskTops

Dh.exe: Display Heap

Dhcmp.exe: Heap Compare

DHCP Administrator's Tool (Dhcpcmd.exe)

DHCP Server Locator Utility (Dhcploc.exe)

Dhcpcmd.exe: DHCP Administrator's Tool

Dhcploc.exe: DHCP Server Locator Utility

Diruse.exe: Directory Disk Usage

Disk Map (Diskmap.exe)

Disk Probe (Dskprobe.exe)

Disk Use (Diskuse.exe)

Diskmap.exe: Disk Map

Diskuse.exe: Disk Use

Display Heap (Dh.exe)

DNS Administrator's Tool (Dnscmd.exe)

Dnscmd.exe: DNS Administrator's Tool

Dommon.exe: Domain Monitor

Dotcrash.exe: DotCrash

Drivers.exe: List Loaded Drivers

Dskprobe.exe: Disk Probe

Dumpel.exe: Dump Event Log

Dupfinder.exe: Duplicate Finder



Exctrlst.exe: Extensible Performance Counter List

Exetype.exe: Executable Type

Expand.exe: Expand File

Extensible Performance Counter List (Exctrlst.exe)

Extract.exe: Extract File


Fcopy.exe: File Copy Utility for Microsoft Message Queue Server

File and Directory Comparison (Windiff.exe)

File Copy Utility for Microsoft Message Queue Server (Fcopy.exe)

Filever.exe: File Version

Findgrp.exe: Find Group

Fixacls.exe: FixACLS

Floplock.exe: Lock Floppy Disk Drives

Forfiles.exe: Forfiles

Freedisk.exe: Free Disk Space

Ftedit.exe: Fault Tolerance Registry Information Editor


Getmac.exe: Get MAC Address

Getsid.exe: Getsid

Gflags.exe: Global Flags

Global.exe: Global Groups

Graphical IPConfig Utility (Wntipcfg.exe)

Grpcpy.exe: Group Copy

Guide to Windows NT 4.0 Profiles and Policies (Profiles.doc)


Hardware Compatibility List Web site

Heap Compare (Dhcmp.exe)

Heapmon.exe: Heap Monitor



IIS Performance Workspace Presets

Imagination Engineer LE by Intergraph

Installation Monitor

Instsrv.exe: Service Installer

Intergraph Imagination Engineer LE

Internet Explorer Administration Kit

Internet Explorer Web Accessories

Internet Information Server Performance Workspace Presets


No tools.


Kernprof.exe: Kernel Profiler

Kill.exe: Kill

Kix32.exe: Kixstart 95


Leakyapp.exe: Leaky Application

Link Check Wizard (Chklnks.exe)

List Loaded Drivers (Drivers.exe)


Local.exe: Local Groups

Lock Floppy Disk Drives (Floplock.exe)

Logevent.exe: Log Event

Logoff.exe: Logoff

Logtime.exe: Logtime


Mcopy.exe: Multiple Copy

Memsnap.exe: Memory Profiling Tool

Mibcc.exe: SNMP MIB Compiler

Microsoft Connection Manager Administration Kit

Microsoft Remailer

Modify Domain_Create_Alias (Creatals.exe)

Multiple Copy (Mcopy.exe)

Multiple Tree Copy (Mtc.exe)

Munge.exe: Munge

Mtc.exe: Multiple Tree Copy


Netclip.exe: Remote Clipboard Viewer

Netcons.exe: Network Connections

Netdom.exe: Windows Domain Manager

Netsvc.exe: Remote Service Controller

Nettime.exe: NetTime Sync

Nettime.hqx: NetTime for Macintosh

Netwatch.exe: Network Watcher

Network Connections (Netcons.exe)

Network Watcher (Netwatch.exe)

Nlmon.exe: NLMonitor


Now.exe: Now

Ntdetect.chk: Startup Hardware Detector (debug version)

Ntevntlg.mdb: Windows NT Event Log Database


Ntmsgs.hlp: Windows NT Messages

Ntrights.exe: NTRights


Oh.exe: Open Handles

Oleview.exe: OLE/COM Object Viewer

Open Handles (Oh.exe)

Os2api.txt: OS2 API Information


Page Fault Monitor (Pfmon.exe)

Passprop.exe: Passprop

Pathman.exe: Path Manager

PerfMon Chart Setting Editor (Setedit.exe)

Perfmtr.exe: Performance Meter

Performance Counters Help (Counters.hlp )

Performance Data Block Dump Utility (Showperf.exe)

Performance Data in the Command Window (Typeperf.exe)

Performance Meter (Perfmtr.exe)

Perl 5 Scripting Language

Permcopy.exe: Permission Copy

Permissions (Perms.exe )

Perms.exe: Permissions

Pfmon.exe: Page Fault Monitor

Pmon.exe: Process Resource Monitor

Poledit.exe: Policy Editor

POSIX Utilities

Power Toys

PPTP Ping: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Ping Tools

Printmig.exe: Printer Migrator

Probe.exe: Response Probe

Process and Thread Status (Pstat.exe)

Process Explode (Pview.exe)

Process Resource Monitor (Pmon.exe)

Processor Upgrade Utility (Uptomp.exe)

Process Viewer (Pviewer.exe)

Profile.exe: Sampling Profiler

Profiles.doc: Guide to Windows NT 4.0 Profiles and Policies

Pstat.exe: Process and Thread Status


Pview.exe: Process Explode

Pviewer.exe: Process Viewer


Qslice.exe: CPU Usage by Processes

Quickres.exe: Quick Resolution Changer

Quiktray.exe: Quick Tray


Raslist.exe: RAS List

Rasusers.exe: Remote Access Users

RConsole (Remote Console)

Reg.exe: Registry Management Utility

Regback.exe: Registry Backup

Regdmp.exe: Registry Dump

Regentry.hlp: Technical Reference for the Windows NT 4.0 Registry

Regfind.exe: Registry Search Utility

Regina REXX Scripting Language

Regini.exe: Registry Change by Script

Registry Backup (Regback.exe)

Registry Change by Script (Regini.exe)

Registry Dump (Regdmp.exe)

Registry Mangement Utility (Reg.exe)

Registry Restoration (Regrest.exe)

Registry Scan (Scanreg.exe)

Registry Search Utility (Regfind.exe)

Registry Security Tool (Secadd.exe)

Regrest.exe: Registry Restoration



Remote Access Manager by Virtual Motion

Remote Access Users (Rasusers.exe)

Remote Clipboard Viewer (Netclip.exe)

Remote Command Service

Remote Console

Remote Process Kill

Remote Service Controller (Netsvc.exe)

Remote Share (Rmtshare.exe )

Remote Shell Service (Rshsvc.exe)

Remote Shutdown GUI (Shutgui.exe)

Response Probe (Probe.exe)

Riproute.wri: Routing with Windows NT Server

Rmtshare.exe: Remote Share

Robocopy.exe: Robust File Copy Utility

Robust File Copy Utility (Robocopy.exe)

Routing with Windows NT Server (Riproute.wri)

RPC Ping: RPC Connectivity Verification Tool

Rshsvc.exe: Remote Shell Service

Rshxmenu: Security Shell Extension

Runext.exe: Run Shell Extension


Sampling Profiler (Profile.exe)

Sc.exe: Service Controller Query Tool

Scanreg.exe: Registry Scan

Sclist.exe: Service List

Seagate Software Crystal Reports for Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit

Secadd.exe: Registry Security Tool

Security Shell Extension (Rshxmenu)

Server Information (Srvinfo.exe )

Server Share Check (Srvcheck.exe )

Service Controller Query Tool (Sc.exe)

Service Installation Wizard (Srvinstw.exe)

Service Installer (Instsrv.exe)

Service List (Sclist.exe)

Service Monitoring Tool (Svcmon.exe)

Setedit.exe: PerfMon Chart Setting Editor

Setupmgr.exe: Setup Manager

Setx.exe: SetX

Shareui.dll: Share UI

Show ACLS (Showacls.exe )

Show Disk Space (Showdisk.exe)

Show Groups (Showgrps.exe)

Show Members (Showmbrs.exe)

Showacls.exe: Show ACLS

Showdisk.exe: Show Disk Space

Showgrps.exe: Show Groups

Showmbrs.exe: Show Members

Showperf.exe: Performance Data Block Dump Utility

Shutdown.exe: Shutdown

Shutgui.exe: Remote Shutdown GUI

Sipanel.exe: Soft Input Panel

Sleep.exe: Batch File Wait

SNMP MIB Compiler (Mibcc.exe)

SNMP Monitor (Snmpmon.exe)

SNMP Utility (Snmputil.exe)

SNMP Troubleshooting Tool (Snmputilg.exe)

Snmpmon.exe: SNMP Monitor

Snmputil.exe: SNMP Utility

Snmputilg.exe: SNMP Troubleshooting Tool

Soft Input Panel (Sipanel.exe)

Soon.exe: Soon

Srvany.exe: Applications as Services Utility

Srvcheck.exe: Server Share Check

Srvinfo.exe: Server Information

Srvinstw.exe: Service Installation Wizard

Startup Hardware Detector, debug version (Ntdetect.chk)

Stripe Log Examples



Svcmon.exe: Service Monitoring Tool

Sysdiff.exe: Automated Installation Tool


Task List (Tlist.exe)

TDI Tracing Utility (Tdishow.exe)

Tdishow.exe: TDI Tracing Utility

Technical Reference for the Windows NT 4.0 Registry (Regentry.hlp)

Telephony Location Manager (Tlocmgr.exe)

Textview.exe: TextView

Time Synchronizing Service (Y2K Unverified) (Timeserv.exe )

Time Synchronizing Service (Y2K) (Timeserv.exe )

Time This (Timethis.exe)

Time Zone Editor (Tzedit.exe)

Time-Ordered Processes (Top.exe)

Timeout.exe: Timeout

Timeserv.exe: Time Synchronizing Service (Y2K Unverified)

Timeserv.exe: Time Synchronizing Service (Y2K)

Timethis.exe: Time This

Timezone.exe: Daylight Savings Time Update Utility

Tlist.exe: Task List

Tlocmgr.exe: Telephony Location Manager

Top.exe: Time-Ordered Processes

Totlproc.exe: Total Processors

Translate.exe: Translate Error Message

Tweakui.cpl: Tweakui

Typeperf.exe: Performance Data in the Command Window

Tzedit.exe: Time Zone Editor


Uptomp.exe: Processor Upgrade Utility

User Input for Batch Files (Choice.exe)

User Profile Deletion Utility (Delprof.exe)

Usrstat.exe: User Statistics

Usrtogrp.exe: Add User to Group


Vadump.exe: Virtual Address Dump

Vfi.exe: Virtual File Information

Virtual Address Dump (Vadump.exe)

Virtual File Information (Vfi.exe)

Virtual Motion Remote Access Manager


Waitfor.exe: Waitfor

Whoami.exe: WhoAmI

WCAT: Web Capacity Analysis Tool

Winat.exe: Windows AT Scheduler

Windiff.exe: File and Directory Comparison

Windows AT Scheduler (Winat.exe)

Windows Domain Manager (Netdom.exe )

Windows Exit Screen Saver (Winexit.scr)

Windows Logo Program Web site

Windows NT 4.0 Debugger Tools

Windows NT 4.0 OEM Support Tools (Debugger Extensions)

Windows NT Event Log Database (Ntevntlg.mdb)

Windows NT Messages (Ntmsgs.hlp)

Windows Script Host

Winexit.scr: Windows Exit Screen Saver

Winmsdp.exe: Winmsdp



Wntipcfg.exe: Graphical IPConfig Utility



Xcacls.exe: Xcacls


No tools.


No tools.