Enable access to company resources with Microsoft Intune


Use the sections in this guide to help you enable your users to access company information from their mobile devices using Microsoft Intune

Learn about resource access profiles that you can use to help your users gain access to the files and resources they need to do their work successfully, wherever they are.

Learn about conditional access and compliance policies which can be used to block access to services when certain conditions are not met, for example, if a device is not managed by Intune.

Learn about configuring the managed browser app which lets you restrict the web sites that users can visit.

Learn about multifactor authentication, and how you can use it to increase the security of your data.

Learn how you can prepare your in-house apps to be managed by Intune mobile application management policies.

Learn how to configure app restrictions that let you improve the security of your data by restricting operations such as copy and paste, external backup of data and the transfer of data between apps.

Find information, such as error messages that can help you solve problems with enabling your devices to access company resources.

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