Palette Tests

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]

This manual test ensures that the DirectDraw graphics adapter verifies palette manipulation.

This test is partially automated, but does require some manual verification:

  • PAL_GetEntries/SetEntries (8-Bit)(TC 4.5.7, 4.7.7)

  • PAL_CreatePalette - ALLOW256 Test(TC 2.6.12)

  • PAL_CreatePalette - Init 256 clrs(TC 2.6.9)

This topic applies to the following test jobs:

  • Palette Tests

  • Palette Tests (WoW64)

Test details

  • Device.Graphics.AdapterRender.MinimumDirectXLevel
  • Windows 10 Client (ARM)
  • Windows 10 Client (x86)
  • Windows 10 Client (x64)
  • Windows 10 Server (x64)
Expected run time (in seconds) 600
Category Compatibility
Timeout (in seconds) 600
Requires reboot false
Requires special configuration false
Type automatic


Additional documentation

Tests in this feature area might have additional documentation, including prerequisites, setup, and troubleshooting information, that can be found in the following topic:

Running the test

Before you run the test, complete the test setup as described in the test requirements: Graphic Adapter or Chipset Testing Prerequisites.In addition, this test requires the following software and hardware:Microsoft® DirectX® version 7.0 or laterDisplay adapter with DDraw capabilities


For generic troubleshooting of HLK test failures, see Troubleshooting Windows HLK Test Failures.

For troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting Device.Graphics Testing.Turn off the screen saver and disable the power management before you run this test. Mode changes and full-screen applications can cause failures, so you should avoid them.

More information

Most of the Microsoft DirectDraw tests (including the Blt - Exotic test) are located in Fnddraw.exe. You can run Fnddraw.exe outside of the DCT shell, and select initial tests. On the Tests menu, click Select Tests.

The test titles that are listed in the DCT shell do not directly match the test names in Fnddraw.exe. In fact, the names in the DCT often refer to a group of Fnddraw tests. You can obtain the Fnddraw test case names from the DCT log file.

You can pause many Fnddraw tests (especially blt-related tests) to give you time to visually analyze the blt results. Use the <Pause> key to pause and resume.

Use the <ESC> key to abort a test run. Be patient because some tests are more responsive than others.

Command Syntax

Command option Description

Fnddraw -r -c -p"m%MONITOR%"

Runs the test. Replace the %MONITOR% parameter with a 1-based index that corresponds to the display that you are testing.


File List

File Location












You do not need Fnswtt.dll to run this test. It is used only for Windows HCK logging.


Parameter name Parameter description
LLU_NetAccessOnly LLU Name of net user
MONITOR Index of display output to target with test
ConfigDisplayCommandLine Custom Command Line for ConfigDisplay. Default: logo
TDRArgs /get or /set
WDKDeviceID Device id of DUT




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