Forefront TMG secure Web gateway solution guide

Applies To: Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

Forefront Threat Management Gateway (Forefront TMG) allows business employees to safely and productively use the Internet for business without worrying about malware and other threats. It provides multiple layers of continuously updated protections that are integrated into a unified, easy-to-manage gateway, reducing the cost and complexity of Web security.


It is presumed that Forefront TMG was installed according to the appropriate deployment topology. For information, see Planning to deploy Forefront TMG secure Web gateway.

About this guide

This guide is intended for use by security administrators and IT operations engineers who have a good understanding of how Forefront TMG works on a functional level, as well as an understanding of the organizational requirements that will be reflected in the secure Web gateway design. This guide is intended to help you plan, deploy, and maintain, a Forefront TMG secure Web gateway, according to the requirements of your organization and the specific design that you want to create.

This guide contains the following topics:


  • For Forefront TMG secure Web gateway hardware recommendations, see Forefront TMG 2010 hardware recommendations (

  • For information about troubleshooting some of the Forefront TMG secure Web gateway features, see Troubleshooting Web access protection (

  • For the complete Forefront TMG documentation, see the Forefront TMG TechNet Library (