System Center Advisor Account Management

The Account page lets you change the name of the Advisor account, change your first or last name (but not the Microsoft account associated with the account), change notification settings, manage users, and close your account.

The System Center Advisor account is the level at which data is collected, aggregated, analyzed, and presented. Each Advisor account is unique. Each Advisor account can have multiple user accounts associated with it, and each user account can have multiple Advisor accounts.

In the attached service scenario with System Center 2012 SP1 or R2: Operations Manager, you can configure each management group to report data to a different Advisor account, or you can create a consolidated view by having multiple management groups report data to a common Advisor account. You can also use a mix of the two experiences to create a hybrid approach.

By default, the Microsoft account used to create the account is set as the administrator. If you are using an organizational account from Windows Azure Active Directory, the global administrator for the domain is set as the administrator. The administrator can also grant administrator privileges to additional users.

An Advisor account administrator can view and act on alerts related to the account and add and remove servers, as well as add, edit, and remove users; while a user can only view and act on alerts and add and remove servers.

Change account information

Change Account Name

Change User Information

Change Notification Settings

Add a Windows Azure Active Directory Organization to an Existing Advisor Account

Manage users

Add a User to an Existing Account

Edit an Existing User

Remove a User

Close an account

Close your account