IShellUIHelper4::msIsSiteModeFirstRun Method

New for Windows Internet Explorer 9

Determines whether a pinned site was launched for the first time.


HRESULT msIsSiteModeFirstRun(
    VARIANT_BOOL fPreserveState,
    VARIANT *puiFirstRun


  • fPreserveState
    [in]  One of the following required values:
      Read and clear the first-run state.
      Only read the state, do not clear it.
  • puiFirstRun
    [out, retval] Returns one of the following values:
      The pinned site is not in a first-run state.
      First run from a drag and drop operation.
      First run from a shortcut added to the Start menu. See msAddSiteMode.

Return Value

Returns one of the following values.

S_OK The operation completed successfully.
E_NOTIMPL This method is not supported on Windows CE.


The msIsSiteModeFirstRun method detects whether the current pinned site window is in a first-run state, right after installation. This method returns SITEMODE_NOTFIRSTRUN for any page that is not in the same domain as the start URL, or if the current pinned site window is not the one that appeared immediately after installation.

If fPreserveState is VARIANT_TRUE, the msIsSiteModeFirstRun method does not reset the first-run state, and instead returns the same value for any page visited (even those shown in new tabs and new windows) during the first run, provided that the page is from the same domain as the start URL.

See Also

IShellUIHelper4::msAddSiteMode, IShellUIHelper4::msIsSiteMode