View Changes to Your Computers

You can view any configuration changes that have occurred on your Advisor since the last time data was uploaded.

To view changes to your computers

  1. In the Advisor portal, open the Configuration Change History page.

    Configuration changes made since the last time data was uploaded are displayed.

  2. You can copy this content, in tab-delimited format, to the clipboard for use in another program, such as Excel. To copy the content, select one or more items, and then click Copy to Clipboard.

  3. You can control the information that is displayed by filtering the results.

    1. To view the configuration changes for a single computer, select the name of the computer in the Server drop-down list.

      The results will be filtered to show only data related to that server.

    2. To search for a specific piece of data, you can type the item in the Search box.


      You can use wildcard characters in this Search box.

    3. To view changes that happened during a specific time frame, do the following:

      1. Click the triangle next to the Change Date column.

      2. Select the Select a date or date range checkbox.

      3. To select a single date, click that date.

        To select a range, click the start date, hold down SHIFT, and then click the end date of the range.

      4. Click Apply.

  4. You can view full configuration information for a server by selecting a computer, and then clicking View Current Snapshot.

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