Installing a Speech Engine

The Microsoft supplied speech engines can be installed by downloading the engines from the Downloads page at the Microsoft Agent Web site. When done using the Microsoft Internet Explorer you get the option to Run This Program From Its Current Location or Save This Program To Disk. If you choose Run This Program From Its Current Location, the engine will be installed directly. If, instead, you choose Save This Program To Disk, you can save the installation file to your disk. Opening this installation file will also install the engine.

For Web pages, you can author your page to automatically download install the engine by including an HTML Object tag on your page specifying the CLASSID and CODEBASE parameter.

<OBJECT width=0 height=0

For the CLASSID parameter, specify the CLSID for the installation file. For the CODEBASE, specify the engine's version number. If you are not downloading the engine from the Microsoft site, you need to also include a URL.

The following are the installation file CLSIDs for the Microsoft supplied engines.

Engine CLSID Version #
L&H TruVoice Text-To-Speech B8F2846E-CE36-11D0-AC83-00C04FD97575 6,0,0,0
L&H TTS3000 Text-To-Speech - British English 1D87F5B2-05F1-11d2-AD7C-0000F8799342 1,0,0,0
L&H TTS3000 Text-To-Speech - Dutch 1D87F5B3-05F1-11d2-AD7C-0000F8799342 1,0,0,0
L&H TTS3000 Text-To-Speech - French 1D87F5B4-05F1-11d2-AD7C-0000F8799342 1,0,0,0
L&H TTS3000 Text-To-Speech - German 1D87F5B5-05F1-11d2-AD7C-0000F8799342 1,0,0,0
L&H TTS3000 Text-To-Speech - Italian 1D87F5B6-05F1-11d2-AD7C-0000F8799342 1,0,0,0
L&H TTS3000 Text-To-Speech - Japanese 1D87F5B7-05F1-11d2-AD7C-0000F8799342 1,0,0,0
L&H TTS3000 Text-To-Speech - Korean 1D87F5B8-05F1-11d2-AD7C-0000F8799342 1,0,0,0
L&H TTS3000 Text-To-Speech - Portuguese (Brazil) 1D87F5BA-05F1-11d2-AD7C-0000F8799342 1,0,0,0
L&H TTS3000 Text-To-Speech - Russian 1D87F5BB-05F1-11d2-AD7C-0000F8799342 1,0,0,0
L&H TTS3000 Text-To-Speech - Spanish 1D87F5B9-05F1-11d2-AD7C-0000F8799342 1,0,0,0
Microsoft Speech Recognition 161FA781-A52C-11d0-8D7C-00A0C9034A7E 4,0,0,0

The descriptions of programming interfaces in this document follow the conventions for Microsoft VBScript. However, they should be generally applicable to other languages as well.