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Chr Function

Returns the character associated with the specified ANSI character code.



The charcode argument is a number that identifies a character.

Numbers from 0 to 31 are the same as standard, nonprintable ASCII codes. For example, Chr(10) returns a linefeed character.

The following example uses the Chr function to return the character associated with the specified character code:

Dim MyChar

' Returns A:
MyChar = Chr(65)   
' Returns B:
MyChar = Chr(66)   
' Returns Z:
MyChar = Chr(90)   

' Returns a:
MyChar = Chr(97)   
' Returns b:
MyChar = Chr(98)   
' Returns z:
MyChar = Chr(122)  

' Returns 0:
MyChar = Chr(48)   
' Returns 1:
MyChar = Chr(49)   
' Returns 9:
MyChar = Chr(57)   

' Returns horizontal tab:
MyChar = Chr(9)
' Returns >:
MyChar = Chr(62)   
' Returns %:
MyChar = Chr(37)   


The ChrB function is used with byte data contained in a string. Instead of returning a character, which may be one or two bytes, ChrB always returns a single byte. ChrW is provided for 32-bit platforms that use Unicode characters. Its argument is a Unicode (wide) character code, thereby avoiding the conversion from ANSI to Unicode.


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