Visual SourceSafe Automation 

Visual SourceSafe Automation is a collection of COM-based automation interfaces in the Microsoft.VisualStudio.SourceSafe.Interop namespace that Visual SourceSafe exposes to users. Because the name of each interface includes the IVSS preface, hereafter this documentation refers to this collection of interfaces simply as IVSS. IVSS provides functionality both for automating interactions with a Visual SourceSafe database and for responding to database events.

In This Section

Introduction to Visual SourceSafe Automation

Describes Visual SourceSafe automation model.

Driving a SourceSafe Database

Describes how to automate Visual SourceSafe through the use of the IVSSDatabase interface that represents a Visual SourceSafe database.

Trapping SourceSafe Events

Describes how to automate Visual SourceSafe through trapping SourceSafe events.

Handling Errors in IVSS

Describes how to handle errors generated by Visual SourceSafe commands.


Visual SourceSafe Automation Reference

Describes IVSS interfaces, collections, enumerations, events, public properties and methods, and includes code examples.