Call this member function to get the last time the file was changed.


      virtual BOOL GetLastWriteTime(
   FILETIME* pTimeStamp 
) const;
virtual BOOL GetLastWriteTime(
   CTime& refTime 
) const;


  • pTimeStamp
    A pointer to a FILETIME structure containing the time the file was last written to.

  • refTime
    A reference to a CTime object.

Return Value

Nonzero if successful; 0 if unsuccessful. GetLastWriteTime returns 0 only if FindNextFile has never been called on this CFileFind object.


You must call FindNextFile at least once before calling GetLastWriteTime.


Not all file systems use the same semantics to implement the time stamp returned by this function. This function may return the same value returned by other time stamp functions if the underlying file system or server does not support keeping the time attribute. See the Win32_Find_Data structure for information about time formats. On some operation systems, the returned time is in the time zone local to the machine were the file is located. See the Win32 FileTimeToLocalFileTime API for more information.


See the example for CFileFind::GetLength.


Header: afx.h

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