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Determine Available Memory

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You can use the Windows CE GlobalMemoryStatus function to get information about the amount of available memory on the device, as shown in the following code example.

    MEMORYSTATUS   memInfo;
    TCHAR   szBuf[MAX_PATH];

    // Program memory.
    memInfo.dwLength = sizeof(memInfo);

    wsprintf(szBuf, __TEXT("Total RAM: %d bytes\n Free: %d \nUsed: %d"), 
        memInfo.dwTotalPhys, memInfo.dwAvailPhys, memInfo.dwTotalPhys — 
    MessageBox(hwnd, szBuf, __TEXT("Program Memory"), MB_OK);

    // Storage memory.
    // dwStoreSize isn't exact due to compression. 
    wsprintf(szBuf, __TEXT("Free: %d"), si.dwFreeSize);
    MessageBox(hwnd, szBuf, __TEXT("Storage Memory"), MB_OK);


Note   GetStoreInformation is deprecated. Use GetDiskFreeSpaceEx instead.

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