Microsoft.Practices.CompositeUI.SmartParts Namespace


  Class Description
Public class SmartPartAttribute This attribute flags an object as a smart part. The smart part will then be added to the WorkItem.
Public class SmartPartInfo Provides information about a specific smartpart.
Public class SmartPartInfoProvider Default implementation of a ISmartPartInfoProvider that can be used to aggregate the behavior on smart parts that use a designer to drag and drop the ISmartPartInfo components.
Public class SmartPartPlaceHolderEventArgs Used by the the smartpart placeholder.
Public class Workspace Default base implementation of the IWorkspace interface.
Public class WorkspaceCancelEventArgs Provides data for the cancellable events exposed by IWorkspace.
Public class WorkspaceComposer Composer class that allows workspaces that cannot inherit from Workspace to reuse its logic by implementing IComposableWorkspace and forwarding all its IWorkspace implementation methods to an instance of the composer.
Public class WorkspaceEventArgs Provides data for the non-cancellable events exposed by IWorkspace.


  Interface Description
Public interface IComposableWorkspace Interface implemented by workspaces that cannot inherit from Workspace and want to aggregate the functionality from a WorkspaceComposer
Public interface ISmartPartInfo Provides information about a SmartPart to an IWorkspace.
Public interface ISmartPartInfoProvider Interface to be implemented by smart parts that contain their own ISmartPartInfo components.
Public interface ISmartPartPlaceholder When implemented by a control, provides a simple placeholder to be filled with a SmartPart at runtime.
Public interface IWorkspace Workspaces are used to provide a surface onto which display SmartParts.