Just My Code Debugging

While debugging, you may want to look at only the code you have written and ignore third-party code that is inside your application (such as framework and libraries). You can do this with Just My Code debugging, a feature that simplifies the debugging experience. Just My Code hides non-user code so that it does not appear in the debugger windows. When you step, the debugger steps through any non-user code but does not stop in it. This means, for example, that if you call a .NET Framework API that throws an exception, you're going to break in your code that called the API rather than farther down in the Framework. This becomes particularly useful when user and non-user code call back and forth between each other. You can set the “My Code” status on a per-function level to specify whether you want certain code debugged.

To view code that is hidden or to turn off Just My Code debugging, click Tools, click Options, open the Debugging node and select General, and then select the Enable Just My Code check box.