Martin Tracy

Martin Tracy
Programmer Writer Lead
Visual Studio - Extensibility Team
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Last Updated: 11/9/2004

I'm currently the lead writer for the Environment SDK, which is part of Visual Studio extensibility (VSIP). I lead a team of writers who document and provide walkthroughs and sample code for 3rd parties who would like to integrate their software into Visual Studio. The Visual Studio extensibility story is awesome, and a constant stream of new features keeps me busy.

Prior to joining the VSIP team, I wrote docs for WMI, Visual J++, and the Tablet PC. Before joining Microsoft, I specialized in real-time applications for robotics and medicine, including software that runs on the space shuttle, inside a pacemaker, on the Pampers assembly line, in a smart artificial arm, and as part of a missile defense system. As a senior programmer at Forth, Inc., I wrote over twenty compilers for DSP and RISC chips, and my own protected mode operating system. Somewhere along the line, I also wrote a book for Prentice-Hall, and a column for Dr. Dobb's.

When not working, I spend time with my extended family in a group house we built together. I play in an accordion band, dance competitively, walk in the woods, and teach Japanese to one of my stepsons.

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