Waveform Audio

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Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3


The waveform audio API provides an application exact control over waveform audio input/output devices. It also supports the hardware audio mixer API. In addition to providing volume control, the waveform audio API provides routing services to manage audio lines on your device for playing or recording. Routing services require specific hardware device and driver support. The mixer architecture allows several audio source lines to be mapped to a single destination audio line.

In This Section

  • Waveform Audio Security
    Describes how enhance security in operating systems and applications that use waveform audio.
  • Hardware Audio Mixer
    Provides information about creating applications that use the hardware audio mixer.
  • Attenuation Classes
    Provides reference information for The Attenuation Classes. An attenuation class is a secondary gain class that provides an additional level of volume control over the levels established by general audio gain classes.
  • Audio
    Provides information about audio technologies for Windows® phones.