How to: Suppress One or More Types of Warnings

You can suppress the display of one or more types of warnings for your database project. A suppressed warning is ignored and will not cause the build to fail, even if you have chosen to treat warnings as errors.

To specify a list of warnings to ignore

  1. In Solution Explorer or Schema View, click the database project.

  2. On the Project menu, click DatabaseProjectName Properties.

    The properties window for the database project appears.

  3. Click the Build tab.

  4. In Suppress Warnings, type the list, delimited by commas or semi-colons, of warning numbers that you want to suppress.


    The warning numbers appear in the Error List window at the beginning of each warning message. For example, to suppress the warning "TSD3022: The following cross-server dependencies could not be verified:…", you would type 3022.

  5. On the File menu, click Save Selected Items to save the changes.

    After you save the changes, warnings that start with the number or numbers that you specified no longer appear in the Error List window.

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