ODataModelBuilder.EntitySet<TEntityType> Method (String)


Registers an entity set as a part of the model and returns an object that can be used to configure the entity set. This method can be called multiple times for the same type to perform multiple lines of configuration.

Namespace:   System.Web.OData.Builder
Assembly:  System.Web.OData (in System.Web.OData.dll)


public EntitySetConfiguration<TEntityType> EntitySet<TEntityType>(
    string name
where TEntityType : class
generic<typename TEntityType>
where TEntityType : ref class
EntitySetConfiguration<TEntityType>^ EntitySet(
    String^ name
member EntitySet<'TEntityType when 'TEntityType : not struct> : 
        name:string -> EntitySetConfiguration<'TEntityType>
Public Function EntitySet(Of TEntityType As Class) (
    name As String
) As EntitySetConfiguration(Of TEntityType)


Return Value

Type: System.Web.OData.Builder.EntitySetConfiguration<TEntityType>

The configuration object for the specified entity set.

Type Parameters

  • TEntityType
    The entity type of the entity set.

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