Create a Cache for Azure Managed Cache Service


Microsoft recommends all new developments use Azure Redis Cache. For current documentation and guidance on choosing an Azure Cache offering, see Which Azure Cache offering is right for me?

Caches in Managed Cache Service are created using Powershell scripts, and once they are created they are managed in the Azure Management Portal.

Cache Offerings and Planning Tools

Managed Cache Service provides Basic, Standard, and Premium cache offerings, each with a different set of options, sizes, and pricing, which allow you to configure exactly the right cache based on your application requirements.

To help you determine which cache offering and cache memory meet your application requirements, Managed Cache Service provides capacity planning guidance and a capacity planning spreadsheet. Enter your projected caching scenario, and use the guidance from the tool as a starting point for your cache settings.

After you deploy your application, monitor the health and performance of your cache using the Monitor tab for Cache in the Azure Management Portal. As your application requirements and usage changes, scale your cache to meet the new usage scenarios.

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