Manage your personal notifications

TFS 2017 | TFS 2015 | TFS 2013

You can manage your personal notifications in the following ways:

  • View your notifications
  • Set notifications just for yourself
  • View and edit all notification subscriptions
  • Add a custom notification subscription
  • Unsubscribe or opt out of a team or project notification subscription

Personal notifications get sent to you in the form of an email as changes occur to builds, code, pipelines, work, artifacts, extensions, releases, and more.

For information about team and project-level notifications, see Team and project-level notifications and Manage team or group notifications.


The notifications user interface changed with TFS 2017 Update 1. If you are working on TFS 2017 or earlier version, change the content version selector for this article to TFS 2015.

Set personal alerts

In this context, an alert is effectively the same as a notification.

  1. Open My alerts from your profile menu. If you don't see this option, then configure an SMTP server to support TFS.

    Manage individual alerts from the web portal

  2. Enter one or more email addresses. Separate addresses with a semi-colon.

    Set email address for alerts

  3. Select the check box for each alert of interest. My work items and My build refer to work items and builds that you created.

    Manage TFS alerts

    Alert templates reference a customizable query.

    The following alert types appear when your project is provisioned with Git for version control:

    • A commit is pushed to this project
    • A pull request I've participated in is created or updated
    • A build quality changes


    When you clear an alert, you also clear all email addresses defined for the alert.

    Open custom alerts for more options. Also, you can open a basic alert and modify its settings, such as change the email format from HTML to plain text or SOAP.

    Open custom alerts

  4. Define alert filters in the same way you define query filters.

    Fill out the custom alerts form

    For a list of available fields, see Index of work item fields.

  5. For even more options, select Others..., and then choose Select New Alert Template.

    Open all alert options

  6. Choose an alert type from the several alert types listed, and then select OK.

    Choose an alert type from all options listed


Whether or not you're an administrator, when you move the toggle for a shared team notification subscription in your settings only impacts you and not other team members.

Next steps


The user interface no longer supports creating plain text email notification subscriptions.