Updated: July 30, 2015

Applies To: Azure, Office 365, Windows Intune


  • The cmdlets were previously known as the Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell cmdlets.

The Get-MsolPasswordPolicy cmdlet can be used to retrieve the values associated with the Password Expiry window or Password Expiry Notification window for a tenant or specified domain. When a domain name is specified, it must be a verified domain for the company.


Get-MsolPasswordPolicy -DomainName <string> [<CommonParameters>]


    -DomainName <string>
        The fully qualified name of the domain to be retrieved.
        Required?                    false
        Position?                    named
        Default value                
        Accept pipeline input?       false
        Accept wildcard characters?  false
        This cmdlet supports the common parameters: Verbose, Debug,
        ErrorAction, ErrorVariable, WarningAction, WarningVariable,
        OutBuffer, PipelineVariable, and OutVariable. For more information, 


The following values will be returned either for the specified domain or the tenant if no domain was specified.

  • ValidityPeriod - Specifies the length of time that a password is valid before it must be changed. A null value indicates the default value of 90 days will be used.

  • NotificationDays - Specifies the number of days before a user receives notification that their password will expire. A null value indicates the default of 14 days will be used.

Example 1

The following command returns the password policy for the domain

Get-MsolPasswordPolicy -DomainName

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