Manage company information in Azure AD

Updated: July 30, 2015

Applies To: Azure, Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Windows Intune

Manage company information and service

Use the following cmdlets to perform tasks related to managing your company’s information and connecting to a Microsoft cloud service. There are also cmdlets for tasks performed by partner companies.

Windows PowerShell cmdlet Description


Adds the specified group from a partner tenant to a Role in this tenant.


The Connect-MsolService cmdlet will attempt to initiate a connection to Azure AD. The caller must either provide their credential (a PSCredential object), or use the UseCurrentCredential option if the current logged in user is federated with Azure AD. This cmdlet may return a warning or error if the version of the module being used is out of date.


The Get-MsolCompanyInformation cmdlet will retrieve company-level information.


The Get-MsolContact cmdlet can be used to retrieve a contact object, or list of contacts. A single contact will be retrieved if the ObjectId parameter is used.


The Get-MsolPartnerContract cmdlet should only be used by partners, as it is used to retrieve a list of contracts for a partner. The input to this cmdlet should be a domain to look up, which must be verified for the tenant. If the company exists and the partner has access to this company, then the corresponding contract will be returned.


The Get-MsolPartnerInformation cmdlet is used to retrieve partner-specific information. This cmdlet should only be used for partner tenants.


The Redo-MsolProvisionContact cmdlet can be used to retry the provisioning of a contact object in Azure Active Directory when a previous attempt to create the contact object resulted in a validation error.


The Remove-MsolContact cmdlet is used to delete a contact from Azure AD.


The Set-MsolCompanyContactInformation cmdlet is used to set company-level contact preferences. This includes email addresses for billing, marketing, and technical notifications about the cloud service.


The Set-MsolCompanySecurityComplianceContactInformation cmdlet is used to set company-level security and compliance contact preferences. This includes email addresses and phone numbers of the tenant’s security and compliance contacts. The contact will be used for notification purposes.


The Set-MsolCompanySettings cmdlet is used to set company-level configuration settings.


The Set-MsolDirSyncEnabled cmdlet is used to turn directory synchronization on or off for a company.


The Set-MsolPartnerInformation cmdlet is used by partners to set partner-specific properties. These properties will be viewable by all tenants that the partner has access to.

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