Install a distributed deployment of Windows Azure Pack


Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

A production environment installation of Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server requires a distributed deployment. In such a deployment, required and optional components of Windows Azure Pack are installed on multiple machines. For more information, see Windows Azure Pack architecture. For information about hardware and software prerequisites, see Windows Azure Pack system requirements overview.

All components are installed by using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Follow these steps to install a distributed deployment:

  1. Install the Windows Azure Pack Service Management APIs

  2. Install the Windows Azure Pack management portals

  3. Install the authentication sites

  4. Upgrade from the Preview version of Windows Azure Pack

  5. OPTIONAL: Configure Active Directory Federation Services for Windows Azure Pack

  6. OPTIONAL: Decide which services to deploy, such as Windows Azure Pack: Web Sites, Automation, Virtual Machine Clouds, SQL and MySQL. For more information see, Provision and configure services in Windows Azure Pack.

  7. Test your deployment.

  8. Post-installation best practices