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DateTime Data Type

To store values that are both dates and times or only dates, use the DateTime data type. A DateTime value is stored in eight bytes — two four-byte integers.

Visual FoxPro versions 5.0 and later support a strict Date and DateTime format that provides year 2000 compliance. It is recommended that you use strict date formats for all Date and DateTime constants and expressions. For more information, see StrictDateEntry Property.

In both Date and DateTime data types, the following rules apply:

  • {00:00:00AM} is equivalent to {12:00:00AM}, Midnight.

  • {00:00:00PM} is equivalent to {12:00:00PM}, Noon.

  • {00:00:00} to {11:59:59} is equivalent to {12:00:00AM} to {11:59:59AM}

  • {12:00:00} to {23:59:59} is equivalent to {12:00:00PM} to {11:59:59PM}

For more specifications about the DateTime data type, see Visual FoxPro Data and Field Types.

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