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The META element conveys information or properties about the document to the server and the client. It does not get displayed when the document is accessed. This element does not require a closing tag.

Using this Element

There are some common properties and collections that apply to all the elements of the document object model, see Common Properties, Methods and Collections for the HTML Elements in Internet Explorer Mobile.

This element can be used within a web page with attributes.

This element can be used within scripts where it will have properties, events and methods.


The following table shows items that Internet Explorer Mobile supports.

Attribute Value Description



Specifies the meta information or value to be associated with NAME or HTTP-EQUIV attributes.






Specifies the name used to gather information for HTTP response message headers. If required, the CONTENT attribute specifies the value.

Primarily used for server information, Internet Explorer Mobile recognizes REFRESH, NOSCRIPT and CLEARTYPE.

REFRESH specifies the number of seconds before the document is refreshed. URL is optional and contains the URL of the document to be loaded on refresh.

CLEARTYPE specifies that cleartype is to be turned on or off.


<META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="2"> causes the document to be refreshed every two seconds.

<META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="2;URL="> causes the specified URL to be loaded after two seconds.

<META HTTP-EQUIV="NOSCRIPT"> causes scripts to be disabled on that page.

<META HTTP-EQIV="cleartype" CONTENT="ON"> causes cleartype to be turned on.



Content = "{seconds} ; {URL}"



Content = "ON | OFF"



the charset parameter is processed -- probably all we need.



Specifies the property name. This can take any value and there is no specification of legal values. The CONTENT attribute specifies the property's value.

Internet Explorer Mobile recognizes the. use of MobileOptimized. If you have optimized your content for mobile devices, the use of this value will override the automatic resizing process. The CONTENT attribute contains the device screen width.


<META NAME="MobileOptimized" CONTENT="240"> causes the browser not to automatically resizing the document.

Scripting Properties

This element has no scripting properties.

Scripting Events

This element has no associated events.

Scripting Methods

This property has no associated methods.


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