Sys.IDisposable Interface

Provides a common interface for the application-defined tasks of closing, releasing, or resetting resources held by instances of a registered Microsoft Ajax Library class.

Namespace: Sys

Inherits: None

myNamespace.myClassName.registerClass('myNamespace.myClassName', null, Sys.IDisposable);



Implement the IDisposable interface to provide a common interface for closing or releasing resources held by instances of your registered Microsoft Ajax Library class. 

You register an interface by when you register the class by calling the Type.registerClass method. You specify IDisposable in the interfaceTypes parameter when you call Type.registerClass.

For more information about registering a class, see Type.registerClass Method.


The Sys.Component base class implements the IDisposable interface. If you create a component class derived from the Sys.Component base class, your class automatically inherits the IDisposable interface implementation.

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