Vector3.TransformCoordinate(Vector3[],Matrix) Method (Microsoft.DirectX)

Transforms a 3-D vector or an array of 3-D vectors by a given matrix, projecting the result back into w = 1.


Visual Basic Public Shared Function TransformCoordinate( _
    ByVal vector() As Vector3, _
    ByVal sourceMatrix As Matrix _
) As Vector3()
C# public static Vector3[] TransformCoordinate(
    Vector3[] vector,
    Matrix sourceMatrix
C++ public:
static array<Vector3>^ TransformCoordinate(
    array<Vector3>^ vector,
    Matrix sourceMatrix
JScript public static function TransformCoordinate(
    vector : Vector3[],
    sourceMatrix : Matrix
) : Vector3[];


vector Microsoft.DirectX.Vector3[]
Array of source Vector3 structures.
sourceMatrix Microsoft.DirectX.Matrix
Source Matrix structure.

Return Value

Array of Vector3 structures that represent the results of the method.


This method transforms the source vector, source (x, y, z, 1), or all vectors in the vector parameter, by the matrix sourceMatrix, projecting the result back into w = 1.

**Note: **Overloads of this method that accept a Matrix structure as a parameter are static.

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