Get up to speed on Visual Studio 2008

Ready to learn about all the ways that Visual Studio 2008 will make you more productive? Check out the training videos below. This page will be updated with new clips, so keep an eye out for updates.

Windows Vista users: if you cannot view the videos, download and install the plug-in from VoiceAge.

Quick Clips

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 – Split View and CSS

Part 3 - Nested Master Pages

Part 4 – LINQ to SQL Overview

Part 5 – LINQ to SQL Dynamically Generate HTML

Part 6 - LINQ Data Validation

Part 7 - AJAX Integration and Javascript Support

Training Videos

These sessions from TechEd 2007 give you insights and tips for building applications, testing, and managing code projects.

  • Client Development
  • Web Develpment
  • Data Access
  • Office Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Team Development

Client Development

WCF and WF Tools

WPF and Expression

WPF Interoperability

Building Smart Clients

Web Development

End-to-End Part 1

End-to-End Part 2

Silverlight + Manged Code

Data Access

LINQ Overview



Office Development


Mobile Development

.NET CF 3.5

Team Development

Code Maintainability

Web and Load Testing

Code Performance