Microsoft Terminology Translations

Microsoft offers the following terminology resources to its customers:

  • Key terminology and shipped strings are available for live search using the Microsoft Language Portal Search Tool.
  • For MSDN and TechNet subscribers, full product glossaries in CSV format are available for download on MSDN.

Microsoft Language Portal features an online search tool that provides customers with access to our terminology databases. The tool enables access to our terminology databases that contain English terms, their definitions, and their translations. The database also contains software strings from released products. The search tool supports terminology lookup from English into selected target languages and terminology lookup from a target language into English.

To download our full product glossaries in CSV format, customers need either an MSDN subscription or a standard TechNet subscription.


Note to MSDN and TechNet Subscribers:

Full product glossaries can be accessed as follows:

  1. Go to or
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. Select the Subscriber Downloads tab.
  4. Navigate to Tools and Resources\Translation Glossaries.
  5. Use the Languages drop-down list to access the various glossaries.

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