Display a progress bar on the specified pane.


void EnablePaneProgressBar(
   int nIndex,
   long nTotal=100,
   BOOL bDisplayText=FALSE,
   COLORREF clrBar=-1,
   COLORREF clrBarDest=-1,
   COLORREF clrProgressText=-1 


  • [in] nIndex
    Specifies the index of the pane whose progress bar to enable.

  • [in] nTotal
    Specifies the maximum value for the progress bar.

  • [in] bDisplayText
    Specifies whether the progress bar should display the current progress value.

  • [in] clrBar
    Specifies the background color of the progress bar.

  • [in] clrBarDest
    Specifies the secondary color of the progress bar background. Use different value than clrBar to fill by a color blended into a gradient.

  • [in] clrProgressText
    Specifies the color of the text of the progress bar.


If you want to disable the progress bar call EnablePaneProgressBar with nTotal set to -1. By default nTotal is set to 100. Therefore, you do not need any additional calculations to display progress as percentage.

You should pass different values for clrBar and clrBarDest so that the background color of the progress bar displays a color blended into a gradient. .

To set the current progress, call the CMFCStatusBar::SetPaneProgress method.


Header: afxstatusbar.h

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