Calculates the horizontal size of a control bar.


virtual CSize CalcFixedLayout(
   BOOL bStretch,
   BOOL bHorz


  • [in] bStretch
    Indicates whether the bar should be stretched to the size of the frame. The bStretch parameter is nonzero when the bar is not a docking bar (not available for docking) and is 0 when it is docked or floating (available for docking).

  • [in] bHorz
    Indicates that the bar is horizontally or vertically oriented. The bHorz parameter is nonzero if the bar is horizontally oriented and is 0 if it is vertically oriented.

Return Value

The control bar size, in pixels, of a CSize object.


See the remarks section in CControlBar::CalcFixedLayout


Header: afxbasepane.h

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