Building the Development Environment

You can build a Commerce Server 2009 development environment in two ways:

  • Build an independent development environment where each developer workstation is a Commerce Server 2009 deployment that points to its own instance of SQL Server.

  • Build a shared development environment that contains a single Commerce Server 2009  deployment. In this scenario, each developer workstation runs Commerce Server 2009 and points to a shared Commerce Server 2009 developer database.

A Commerce Server 2009 development environment contains the components listed in the following table.

Server and hardware


Non-clustered database server

1 (optional)

Developer workstation

2 or more

Network cables

6 or more

Follow these steps when you build a development environment:

  1. Add the non-clustered database server and developer workstations to the corporate intranet.

  2. Install all prerequisite software. For more information, see What Are the Software Deployment Requirements?

  3. For the shared development environment, configure the non-clustered database server. For more information, see How to Configure a Database Server.

  4. Configure each developer workstation. For more information, see How to Configure a Developer Workstation.

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