Bubble Chart

The Bubble chart type is a variation of the Point Chart chart type, where the data points are replaced by bubbles of different sizes. The second Y value controls the size of the bubble. This chart type can display different shapes, such as square and diamond. You can specify the shape using the Series.MarkerStyle property.

Chart Characteristics

SeriesChartType value


Number of Y values per point

2 (the second value defines the size of the shape).

Number of series

One or more

Supports markers


Cannot be combined with:

Doughnut, Pie, Bar, Stacked Bar, Polar, Radar, Pyramid, or Funnel charts.

Custom attributes

BubbleMaxSize, BubbleMinSize, BubbleScaleMax, BubbleScaleMin, BubbleUseSizeForLabel, EmptyPointValue, LabelStyle, PixelPointDepth, PixelPointGapDepth

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