IBDA_WMDRMSession::GetStatus Method

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]
Gets the current state of the Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) session.


HRESULT GetStatus(
  [out]  ULONG *MaxCaptureToken,
  [out]  ULONG *MaxStreamingPid,
  [out]  ULONG *MaxLicense,
  [out]  ULONG *MinSecurityLevel,
  [out]  ULONG *RevInfoSequenceNumber,
  [out]  ULONGLONG *RevInfoIssuedTime,
  [out]  ULONG *RevInfoTTL,
  [out]  ULONG *RevListVersion,
  [out]  ULONG *ulState


  • MaxCaptureToken [out]
    Receives the maximum size of the capture token, in bytes.

  • MaxStreamingPid [out]
    Receives the maximum number of packet identifiers (PIDs) that the media transform device (MTD) can concurrently stream using Streaming AES Counter Mode.

  • MaxLicense [out]
    Receives the maximum number of concurrent licenses the MTD can support.

  • MinSecurityLevel [out]
    Receives the minimum content protection security level supported by the tuner.

  • RevInfoSequenceNumber [out]
    Receives the current revocation information sequence number.

  • RevInfoIssuedTime [out]
    Receives the time when the current revocation information was issued. The value is expressed as the number of 100-nanosecond units since January 1, 1601 (UTC).

  • RevInfoTTL [out]
    Receives the time-to-live, in seconds, of the current revocation information structure.

  • RevListVersion [out]
    Receives the required Windows Media DRM revocation list version.

  • ulState [out]
    Receives flags indicating the state of the DRM system. For possible values, see Protected Broadcast Driver Architecture Part 3: Windows Media DRM on PBDA, Table 3-39.

Return Value

If the method succeeds, it returns S_OK. Otherwise, it returns an HRESULT error code.


Minimum supported client Windows 7
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 R2
IDL Bdaiface.idl

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