Server Core .NET Functionality

Server Core contains the normal complement of .NET namespaces with a few exceptions. This list contains, by name, the namespaces that are missing from a Server Core installation.

  • System.ComponentModel.Design

  • System.Data.Design

  • System.Deployment.Application

  • System.Diagnostics.Design

  • System.Media

  • System.Messaging

  • System.Speech

  • System.Web.UI.Design

    Design time support is unavailable. Runtiime support for expression builders is supported.

  • System.Windows

  • Microsoft.Aspnet.Snapin

  • Microssoft.lnk

  • Microsoft.ManagementConsole

  • Microssoft.StylusInput

  • Microssoft.VisualBasic.Compatibility.VB6

  • Microssoft.Windows.Themes

  • Microssoft.WindowsCE.Forms

  • Microssoft.WindowsMobile.DirectX

  • UIAutomationClientsideProviders

Note that there is no .NET support available on Windows ServerĀ 2008.

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Build date: 6/11/2009