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.NET developers: Want to build apps & ramp up on the new MVC features? Find out more.Take a lap around the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer platform, and get guidance on app development choices.Know HTML5? Then you’re a few small steps away from creating an app for Windows Store. This refreshed course shows you how.Learn the basics of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS—and how to use them to build your first Windows app in this introductory course.This course shows you how to apply your .NET skills to both web and Windows apps—and the relationships between the two.This free online crash course covers the building blocks of C#, and how you can use it to start working on your first app.Want to develop Windows Store apps with C#? This course demos new features that will help you publish your first app.Learn the basics of UX design for 8.1, including UI controls, navigation, layout, windowing, tiles, and more.Have a question? This live Q and A will help you address everything from basic concerns to the most.This HTML5 course dives into the advanced programming skills and techniques required to optimize Windows Store apps.Boost your skills going through sample after sample followed by numerous demos to provide you a solid foundation in XAML.Attention iOS developers! View this Jump Start to learn how to develop and monetize apps for Windows Store.Learn how Construct2, GameMaker, and Unity can help you develop games for Windows 8.Watch this demo-rich learning session, featuring migration tools and a sample app that utilizes both Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Cloud Services.Learn everything you need to know about updating databases, data manipulation and altering tables.Use Microsoft Business Intelligence tools, predictive analytics, and NoSQL tools to analyze data for your Big Data solutions.Want to create a XAML-based UI? Learn how with demos of Windows Store app-specific features and highlights from Visual Studio 2013.From Windows Azure hosting to increasing your reach, check out this course for the end-to-end scenario for the entire application.Check out these advanced techniques for building Windows Store apps, including app differentiation, Windows Live SDK and OneDrive.Update legacy code or write new, high-performance code for phones in this starting point for building software in C++.Learn how to increase your income and your customer base by bringing your existing Unity game to Windows and Windows Phone.Want to create games from the gound up? We'll show you how to use C++ and DirectX to build the whole engine, not just the game.This introductory course helps viewers understand the various aspects of software development.Writing apps for Windows 8/8.1? Learn how to implement HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in your app development.Add JavaScript to your arsenal: learn concepts applicable to web-based video games, enhanced user interfaces and dynamic webpages.Designing apps for the cloud? Spend a day learning architecture and design from Marc Mercuri, Larry Brader and other top experts.Learn about the broad capabilities of Azure, storage design patterns & best practice techniques, and a variety of tips & tricks.This course walks you through getting the tools, writing code, debugging features, customizations, and more.Learn how Kanban can help you identify and remove bottlenecks, and shift your organizational culture toward creative problem-solving.Want to understand the benefits of agility in the enterprise? This course has practical ideas that can be used to begin the transition.Find out about the Git fundamentals: Learn how to use Git within the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).Get the facts on lean software development. Learn techniques that can help you make intelligent economic tradeoffs to optimize results.Whether you're a web, app, C#, .NET, or JavaScript developer, this course delivers what you need.Learn how to create great apps with great layout and style using XAML, CSS and HTML5.Learn the right way to build cloud-connected iOS, Android, and Windows apps, and how to add a mobile layer to your existing apps.Developers: Learn the latest tools and capabilities of the Windows Azure and Web platform with Scott Hanselman.This training session focuses on 20 of the top questions surrounding the C# language, based on number of views and votes on stackoverflow.Watch this Developer Camp, explore the latest Microsoft Azure development tools and technologies, and leave with code running in the cloud.Get an overview of the Microsoft platform, explore the opportunities that devices and services present, and cover Microsoft Azure with a series of demos.