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Microsoft® ASP.NET is a set of technologies in the Microsoft .NET Framework for building Web applications and XML Web services. ASP.NET pages execute on the server and generate markup such as HTML, WML, or XML that is sent to a desktop or mobile browser. ASP.NET pages use a compiled, event-driven programming model that improves performance and enables the separation of application logic and user interface. ASP.NET pages and ASP.NET XML Web services files contain server-side logic (as opposed to client-side logic) written in Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET, Microsoft® Visual C#® .NET, or any Microsoft®.NET Framework-compatible language.

Aa286485.leave-site(en-us,MSDN.10).gifCheck out the Microsoft ASP.NET Developer Center

You'll find information about ASP.NET at the ASP.NET Developer Center. Links to guides, articles tutorials and other documentation abound.

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