ASP.NET Best Practices


Microsoft Corporation
October 2003

Applies to:
    Microsoft® ASP.NET
    Java Server Pages

Summary: Learn how to apply ASP.NET best practices when migrating from JSP. (1 printed page)

If you are migrating from JSP to ASP.NET, you may want to know how to leverage your existing software patterns and how to apply ASP.NET best practices.

  • Patterns and Practices Home—If you want an overview of Microsoft's® patterns and practices efforts, start here.
  • Enterprise Solutions Patterns Using Microsoft .NET—This book contains many of the most common software patterns, including the Front Controller used in the CodeNotes site. If you want to know how to apply common design patterns in Microsoft .NET, start with this book.
  • Building Secure ASP.NET Applications—Microsoft has released two books about Web application security. This first book focuses primarily on authorization, authentication, and secure communications.
  • Improving Web Application Security—This second book goes into much more detail on how to secure an application against attacks. The book begins with basic security principles, such as building a threat model, and then provides checklists and task-oriented descriptions of how to protect against common threats.

All of these materials were prepared by Microsoft's Prescriptive Architecture Guidance group, and should be very useful as you develop .NET applications.

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