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  Smart Client Applications (Windows Forms)


Windows® Forms is the new platform for Microsoft® Windows application development, based on the .NET Framework. This framework provides a clear, object-oriented, extensible set of classes that enable you to develop rich Windows applications. Additionally, Windows Forms can act as the local user interface in a multi-tier distributed solution.

Within a Windows Forms project, the form is the primary vehicle for user interaction. By combining different sets of controls and writing code, you can elicit information from the user and respond to it, work with existing stores of data, and query and write back to the file system and registry on the user's local computer.

ms950424.leave-site(en-us,MSDN.10).gifCheck out the Smart Client Developer Center

Smart clients are easily deployed and managed client applications that provide an adaptive, responsive and rich interactive experience by leveraging local resources and intelligently connecting to distributed data sources. The developer center includes information on .NET Compact Framework, Windows Form, and Visual Studio Tools for Office.

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