Using FxCop

This section contains detailed information about FxCop, the fully featured application that analyzes managed code assemblies. For a quick introduction to FxCop, see Quick Start Guide to FxCop. For information about the companion command-line tool, see Using FxCopCmd.

In This Section

  • Performing an Analysis
    Explains how to perform an analysis, cancel an analysis, and view a summary of analysis results.
  • Managing FxCop Projects
    Explains how to create, open, save, and import messages into a project, and how to set project options and application preferences.
  • Managing Target Assemblies
    Explains how to add, ignore, and remove targets in a project, specify a target location using environment variables, and view target MSIL.
  • Managing Rules
    Provides information about the default rule libraries loaded with a new project, explains how to add, group, ignore, and remove rules in a project, and discusses the information stored in a rule.
  • Managing Messages
    Discusses the information provided by a message, and explains how to filter, view, exclude, and save messages