Common Security Scenarios

The topics in this section catalog a number of possible client and service security configurations. Configurations vary according to a number of factors. For example, whether a service or client is on an intranet, or whether the security is provided by Windows or transport (such as HTTPS).

In This Section

  • Message Security with a Windows Client
    A variation of the certificate client. Servers have certificates, and each client has a certificate. A security context is established through TLS negotiation.
  • Trusted Subsystem
    A client accesses one or more Web services that are distributed across a network. The Web services access additional resources (such as databases or other Web services) that must be secured.




Security Overview

Windows Communication Foundation Security

Bindings and Security

Securing Services and Clients



Federation and Issued Tokens

Auditing Security Events

See Also


Security Guidance and Best Practices

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