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How to: Return to the Default Security Policy Settings Using Caspol.exe

Occasionally, it might be necessary to reset a security policy to the defaults after some policy changes create undesirable side effects. The default security policy provides adequate security for your computer in most situations.

To return to the default security policy settings

  • Type the following command at the command prompt:

    caspol [-enterprise|-machine|-user|-all] –reset

    Specify the policy-level option before the –reset option. If you omit the policy-level option, the Code Access Security Policy tool (Caspol.exe) returns the default security policy settings at the default policy level. For computer administrators, the default level is the machine policy level; for others, it is the user policy level.

    The following command resets the machine policy.

    caspol –machine –reset


    You can undo the reset using the –recover option if no further policy changes are made after the –reset call.

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