How to: Edit Facet Values (Entity Data Model Tools)

Facets represent data type constraints on scalar properties of entities. This topic describes how to use the Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer) to edit facet values in the conceptual schema definition language (CSDL) of an .edmx file.

When you select a scalar property of an entity in the Entity Designer, you can view the applicable facets in the Properties window. The following is a list of all possible facets:

  • Collation

  • FixedLength

  • MaxLength

  • Precision

  • Scale

  • StoreGeneratedPattern

  • Unicode


Not all facets are applicable to every property type. For more information, see Facets (CSDL).

The Create Database Wizard uses CSDL facets to set data types for table columns in the generated database and to create corresponding facet entries in the storage model. For more information, see Database Generation Rules (Generate Database Wizard).

Editing Facet Values in CSDL

The following procedure describes how to edit facet values in the Conceptual Model Content section of the .edmx file. Following this procedure does not edit facet values in the Storage Model Content section of the .edmx file.

To edit facet values in CSDL

  1. Right-click the scalar property whose facet values you want to edit and select Properties.

    The Properties window appears.

  2. Edit the value for each facet in the Properties window.

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