Quickstart (WCF Data Services)

This quickstart helps you become familiar with WCF Data Services and the Open Data Protocol (OData) through a series of tasks that support the topics in Getting Started with WCF Data Services.

What You Will Learn

The first task in this quickstart shows how to access the public, read-only Northwind OData feed by using a Web browser. Next, you will create a simple console application that consumes the OData feed by using client libraries. Later, you will create your own writable Northwind data service from the Northwind sample database by using the Entity Framework provider. Finally, you will create a Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) application that binds OData feeds to controls and sends updates back to the writable Northwind service.


To complete this quickstart, you must install the following components:

  • Visual Studio 2010.

  • An instance of Microsoft SQL Server. This includes SQL Server Express, which is included in a default installation of Visual Studio.

  • The Northwind sample database. To download this sample database, see the download page, Sample Databases for SQL Server.

WCF Data Services Quickstart Tasks


Project files from a completed version of the quickstart can be downloaded from the WCF Data Services 5.0 Quickstart page on the MSDN Developer Samples site.

Next Steps

Start the Quickstart.

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