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Workflow Manager 1.0 Dynamic Value


Updated: April 20, 2012

The following activities provide support for working with dynamic values. For more information on DynamicValue, see Understanding Dynamic Value.

DynamicValue Activities

Activity Description Arguments
BuildDynamicValue Builds a DynamicValue out of a set of paths and values. If the passed DynamicValue is null then it creates and initializes it. If it is not null it will add new properties to it. InArgument<IDictionary<string,InArgument>> Properties

InOutArgument<DynamicValue> Result
ContainsDynamicValueProperty Returns true if a property is contained in a DynamicValue InArgument<DynamicValue> Source

InArgument<DynamicValue> PropertyName

OutArgument<bool> Result
CopyDynamicValue Copies properties from one DynamicValue to another DynamicValue InArgument<IDictionary<string,string>> PropertyMapping

InArgument<DynamicValue> Source

OutArgument<DynamicValue> Result
CountDynamicValueItems Return the number of items in a DynamicValue InArgument<DynamicValue> Source

OutArgument<int> Result
CreateDynamicValue Creates one DynamicValue with a path that can be passed at runtime InArgument<string> PropertyName

InArgument PropertyValue

OutArgument<DynamicValue> Result
CreateDynamicValueFromMessage Creates a DynamicValue from a SOAP message InArgument<DynamicValue> Headers

InArgument<XElement> Value

InArgument<MessageVersion> Version

OutArgument<DynamicValue> Result
CreateMessageFromDynamicValue Creates a SOAP message from a DynamicValue InArgument<string> Action

InArgument<DynamicValue> Headers

InArgument<DynamicValue> Body

InArgument<MessageVersion> Version

OutArgument<XElement> Result
CreateUriFromDynamicValue Creates a URI from a DynamicValue InArgument<DynamicValue> Options

OutArgument<string> Result
GetDynamicValueProperties Get properties from a DynamicValue InArgument<DynamicValue> Source

InArgument<IDictionary<string,OutArgument>> Properties
GetDynamicValueProperty<T> Get one property of a DynamicValue InArgument<DynamicValue> Source

InArgument<string> PropertyName

OutArgument<T> Result
ParseDynamicValue Parse Json into a DynamicValue InArgument<string> Json

OutArgument<DynamicValue> Result