Workflow Manager


Updated: May 10, 2013

Workflow Manager 1.0 provides the capability to host workflows in a high scale, high density, and multi-tenant environment. Workflows are authored using a fully declarative model, using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF45). The topics in this section provide an overview of configuring, authoring, deploying, and troubleshooting workflows using Workflow Manager 1.0.

In This Section

Provides an overview of Workflow Manager 1.0.

Installing and Configuring
Describes how to perform an on-premises installation of Workflow Manager 1.0.

Getting Started Tutorial
Provides a walkthrough of creating a Workflow Manager project, and demonstrates how to create a custom activity, how to create a workflow using that activity, and how to publish and run the workflow.

Authoring Declarative Workflows
Describes how to author workflows for Workflow Manager 1.0.

Understanding Dynamic Value
Describes how to create, store, and consume data using DynamicValue.

Describes messaging patterns and scenarios available in Workflow Manager 1.0.

Activities Overview
Provides an overview of Workflow Manager 1.0 activities.

Using Custom Code
Describes how to use custom code activities in Workflow Manager 1.0 workflows.

Describes versioning scenarios in Workflow Manager 1.0 and provides an overview of updating activity and workflow definitions.

Workflow Server Management
Describes how to manage an on-premises installation of Workflow Manager 1.0

Describes common issues and solutions when troubleshooting workflows hosted in Workflow Manager 1.0.

Lists the Workflow Manager 1.0 samples.

Known Issues
Provides an overview of known issues and the workarounds that are available.

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