Workflow::activateFromWorkflowType Method [AX 2012]

Activates a workflow from a specified workflow template name.


server public static WorkflowCorrelationId activateFromWorkflowType(
    WorkflowTypeName _workflowTemplateName, 
    RecId _recId, 
    WorkflowComment _initialNote, 
    NoYes _activatingFromWeb, 
   [WorkflowUser _submittingUser])

Run On



  • _activatingFromWeb
    Type: NoYes Enumeration
    A flag that represents the origin of the submission.

Return Value

Type: WorkflowCorrelationId Extended Data Type
The ID of the workflow instance that will be used for correlation.


Activation conditions are evaluated for every active workflow for the related workflow template. The first workflow that evaluates to true will be enabled. If no configuration is found after evaluating the activation conditions, the default workflow will be chosen.

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