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QueryRun.get Method

Retrieves the record fetched by the previous call to next method.


public Common get(TableId table, [int occurrence])

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  • occurrence
    Type: int
    The data source to be addressed; optional. The number of the data source with the given table; 1-based.
    If more than one data source has the same table assigned to it, this (optional) parameter can be used to specify which one is to be addressed. It specifies the number of the data source with the given table. Thus, if the CustTable table is assigned to two data sources, and the second data source is required, this argument should have the value 2.

Return Value

Type: Common Table
Returns the record fetched from the data source identified by the arguments.


The data source from which to retrieve the record is specified by the table assigned to the data source and by an optional parameter.

Instead of supplying the table (and optional parameter), you can use the getNo method, which takes the data source number as an argument.

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