Microsoft Dynamics AX reports

Microsoft Dynamics AX includes hundreds of preconfigured reports that users can generate and print. These reports are called standard reports and auto reports. Users can generate standard reports by clicking a link in the Reports area of a module's area page. Users can generate auto reports by clicking the Print icon on a form.

To enable users to generate and print standard and auto reports, complete the following procedures.

Set security permissions to standard reports

Use the following steps to give a user group access to (or, restrict access to) standard reports.

  1. Open the User group permissions form (Administration > Setup > Security > User group permissions).

  2. On the Overview tab, select a user group and a domain.

  3. Click the Permissions tab.

  4. In the list, select the Reports security key that you want to configure.

  5. In the Access section, select the View permission level. After you select a permissions level, the selected security key shows a check mark to indicate that permissions have been set.

  6. Click the Cascade button to ensure that all dependent security keys inherit this permission level.

  7. Press CTRL+S to save your changes.

  8. Restart the Dynamics AOS service if you changed the permissions of an existing user group, especially if you set more restrictive permissions for that group.

  9. To set permissions for another user group, repeat steps 2-8.

Set security permissions to auto reports

If a user has access to a form, the user can generate an auto report by clicking the Print icon on the form. This means that to restrict access to an auto report, you need to restrict access to the form from which it is generated.

For information about setting security permissions for a form, see Manage security permissions for user groups and domain combinations.

Enable users to print reports from the server

Printing reports from a server can be more efficient than printing from a client. When printing a report from a client, Microsoft Dynamics AX must upload details about page size, report dimensions, fonts, and string sizes to the client before the report can print. When printing a report from a server, these details are readily available. No extra processing is required.

To enable users to print reports from the server, you must configure the AOS server and each client.

Complete the following steps on the AOS server:

  1. Open the Server Configuration Utility (Start > All Programs > Microsoft Dynamics AX).

  2. Select the Allow clients to connect to printers on this server option.

  3. Click OK.

Complete the following steps on each client computer:

  1. Open the Client Configuration Utility (Start > All Programs > Microsoft Dynamics AX).

  2. Click the Connection tab.

  3. Select Connect to printers on the server.

  4. Click OK.